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As specialists in electronics repair, Mario Extreme Electronics is the dependable resource you can count on to handle all your speaker and amplifier repair needs in Miami, FL. We are the affordable experts skilled in repairing a wide range of electronics, including high-fidelity stereo systems, mixing boards, LCD televisions, analog converters, effects pedals, electric guitars, and other electronic components. If your gear has given up, our technicians are the trained professionals who can get it working again.

As a factory-authorized repair center for most major brands of electronic equipment, we repair new, used, and vintage electronic components. Whether your tube amplifier has suddenly lost power, or your CD recorder is failing to track properly, our team of trained repair technicians knows exactly what repairs your components need. We specialize in the repair of the following quality brands: repair

•repair  Peavey 
• repair QSC
• repair YAMAHA
•repair  Pioneer
•repair  Mackie
•repair  EV
•repair  Chauvet
• repair Crown
•repair  Numark
• And Many Others

As lovers of all things audio, we understand the importance of accurate sound reproduction. Our speaker repair services cover every type of speaker in use today. We have factory rebuild kits that can return the sound of your treasured vintage speaker back to original specifications with deeper bass resonance and sharper treble response. We replace voice coils, repair torn or ripped cones, and will be glad to modify your existing speaker system with accessories such as angled attachments.

We also offer comprehensive amplifier repair for both solid-state and tube amplifiers. Utilizing cutting-edge diagnostic equipment, we are able to troubleshoot even the most difficult repairs. From faulty resisters to burned-out printed circuit boards, our services pinpoint defective components and replace them with parts of equal or greater quality. We carry a huge inventory of OEM replacement parts for all of your repair services so you never have to wait for the part you need to arrive.

No matter what the issue may be with your electronic hardware, the experts at Mario Extreme Electronics have you covered with our extensive electronics repair available in Miami, FL. We offer free estimates on all of our work. Bring your components in to us today!


As the local specialists in electronics repair in Miami, FL, Mario Extreme Electronics is the dedicated professional you can count on to provide you with superior repair services for all of your audio equipment. With an emphasis on audio equipment and components, we offer the following services:

• CD Player Repair pioneer,dennon
• CD Recorder Repair
• Electric Guitar Repair
• Electronic Keyboard Repair
• Microphone Repair shure
• Plasma and LCD TV Repair
• Printed Circuit Board Diagnosis and Repair
• Computer-Controlled Lighting Systems Repair
• DJ turntable technics Repair

Your speakers are the single most influential factor in determining the quality of sound outputted by your music system. Even state-of-the-art playback components will perform poorly if your speakers are not in good operating order. Mario Extreme Electronics offers a level of speaker repair in Miami, FL that defines the industry standard for quality, performance, and affordability.

With a background in music electronics repair, we are the speaker repair technician you can trust to make sure your speakers get fixed properly the first time. From guitar amplifier/speaker combinations for local gigs to dedicated loudspeaker systems used in arenas, we possess an expertise in the repair of speakers that is unrivaled in the industry. Our comprehensive speaker rebuilding and repair services include the following components:

• Voice Coil
• Cone
• Basket
• Dust cap
• Spider
• Back and Top Plate
• Magnet

We offer repairs and rebuilds for every brand of speaker on the market. From new speaker repair to the complete rebuilding of your used speaker cabinet with updated parts to give you a fresh and dynamic sound, our technicians are the proven professionals you can trust to work on your system. We repair all speaker types, including mid-range speakers, sub-woofers, and tweeters, all at competitive rates.

As part of our repair consultation, we perform a full range of operational tests for each speaker we repair. We check for output balance, sharpness of clarity, and perform internal diagnostics to ensure that all crossover circuitry contained within your cabinet is functioning properly. Trust the repair of your new or vintage speaker cabinets to the authority on speakers at Mario Extreme Electronics in Miami, FL.

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Our experts understand electronics better than anyone else does. With a repair center that is fully equipped with cutting-edge diagnostic systems, we are able to troubleshoot a wide range of repair issues such as faulty or cracked printed circuit boards, failed potentiometers, failed faders, broken electronic piano keys, defective contacts, and much more.

We can also repair drum machines, mixing boards, digital signal processors, and other components used to generate, record, and play back music. We specialize in fixing portable or rack-mounted CD units and offer comprehensive service and repair in all systems containing a CD player or recorder. From samplers to synthesizers, our repair services have all of your gear covered. Count on the electronics experts at Mario Extreme Electronics in Miami, FL to help you keep your music pumping with our broad range of electronics repair services.

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